Therapeutic Massage


Consider Therapeutic Massage the go between of general Swedish and Deep Tissue.  This form of massage is the second  most popular request.  It combines the general Swedish strokes of effluarage,  tappotament, and kneading alond with more specific work when knots are found. Think of it as a medium depth massage.  The specific areas of complaint discussed during intake are  addressed during this type of massage.  For those who deep tissue is too much, this I a wonderful choice.  Generally the common areas addressed are neck/upper shoulders, between the shoulder blades, and lower back.

​The therapist uses more specific tools of the hands such as finger tips,  knuckles, or forearms. Trigger points can be addressed with less pressure than deep tissue but be just as effective.  This type of massage can be a little intense while working the knots but once  the area is released, relaxation massage follows.  Stretching can be incorporated at any time to help elongate any tight muscle groups.

​The purpose of Therapeutic Massage is to address specific areas of concern and to assist the body to achieve structural changes. This is accomplished when the therapist and client have shared goal to achieving those structural changes.  One might notice immediate reductions in discomfort, better range of motions, or standing up straighter.  At times it may take a series of massages to accomplish the goal of structural changes in order to feel improvement.