Vibrational Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy utilizes tools such as voice, tuning forks, singing bowls or chimes. It is considered part of a number of growing subtle-energy  therapies that make up the category of vibrational medicine.  This is based from a common law of physics stating everything has a vibration. The chair you sit on,  food you eat, the desk you sit at, trees, rocks, organs of the body are examples of physical manifestation of energy that can been seen. Examples of unseen energy is light until it passes through a spectrum, sound if loud enough can be felt in the body or when the sound barrier is broken such as the distinctive "booms" when the space shuttle returned.

​Sound Therapy is based on the idea that dis-ease is a result of the bodies natural reponses getting out of its natural frequency  due to influences such as environment, illness, stress, etc.  Sound Therapy works subtlety to assist the body to return to its own innate homeostasis vibration.   Have you ever used music to pick you up or settle you down? Do you enjoy feeling the deep base of music thumping in your chest? Then you have already unknowingly used sound therapy. 

​Image utilizing tuning forks, metal singing bowls, or chimes  to  assist the body with decreasing stress, reducing pain, increasing range of motion, reducing blood pressure, and increasing a better sense of well being.  The possibilities are endless.

​Metal Singing Bows

Metal singing bowls placed on the body can have a calming effect on the area such as between the shoulder blades. This can help relive the tight muscles and pain or discomfort. Placed on the stomach the vibration can help with digestion. Singing bowls activated on any tight muscle group can help release tight areas such as the calves, hamstrings, or lower and upper back.

Tuning Forks

Tuning forks used at Heavenly Hour Therapeutic Massage are either body tuners or energy tuners.The most commonly used tuning forks are the body tuners. These can be felt on and sometimes throughout the body.  The body tuners are commonly used but not limited to assist the body release stubborn trigger points (commonly known as knots), chronically tight muscles, increase range of motions, and assist the body in reducing stress. The most common muscle groups of which the tuning forks are applied are the upper chest, upper shoulders, neck and between the shoulder blades. Those who sit in front of a computer all day know how tight and painful these muscles can get. Applying the body tuners to the tight and restricted areas is generally noninvasive and much more pleasant than the discomfort sometimes associated with deep tissue massage.  Another benefit of  utilizing body tuners during a massage session is that the work can continue to effect the muscles targeted for a few days after the session has ended.  Sometime the pain relief is immediately felt during the session or it might happen so subtlety that a few days later one notices better range of motion and  the ability to use the targeted muscles without previously  noticeable discomfort.

Keep in mind that same as with deep tissue massage, it can take few session a few days or a week apart to get the desired effect.   After all, chronic soreness and tight muscles usually don't happen over night.  Give the tuning forks and the sound therapist a chance to work.

​Energy tuners are the other option of tuning forks used.  This particular set of six forks is of the solfeggio scale. The use of these energy tuners is even more subtle then the body tuner set because it is used in the etheric field approximately 2" above the body.  The sound therapist utilizes the energy tuners to balance the Chakras.  With this type of service, consistent  appointments help to maintain a proper balance between the every day bombardments of life and a healthy balanced between the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of oneself.   One of the ways to think about energy tunings and energy work is to read the quote below.

​"The wind blows over the lake and stirs the surface of the water. Thus visible effects of the invisible are manifest. "  I Ching

Science of Vibrational Sound Therapy


Now days with the internet so prominent, I invite you to do your own research on how sound has the potential to assist the body in optimum health.  The study of Sound Therapy is becoming more prominent and the health benefits are now being published.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

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