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MPS (Microcurrent point Stimulator)

New service now being offered.  MPS combines science with acupuncture following specific protocols to help assist the body to relieve soft tissue pain (chronic or acute). The Dolphin Neurostim applies a brief concentrated microcurrent impulse  to acupuncture points that can help relax muscles, calm the nervous system and potentially release endorphins.  The device used emits a high pitch when on an acupuncture point. An activation button is then pushed to send the micocurrent into the acupuncture point which can then have an effect on the muscles/facia the acupuncture channels runs through. 

The micocurrent is at a reported frequency that resonates with the bodies nervous system and can  influence changes in organs, tissues and facia.. MPS also has the potential to settle the nervous system therefore reducing stress.

The Dolphin Nuerostim is a non invasive tool that does not puncture the skin but has a pointed tip for finding acupuncture points and delivering the microcurrent. 

Just the stress reduction alone can be worth receiving a session. 

During the workshop I attended for learning the protocols, I witnessed relief from scar tissue adhesions, improved range of motion, reduction in back and neck pain with better flexion and extension of the torso and of the neck.  

If you would like to view some research regarding MPS go to 

A Typical Session

Once a protocol is determined, a session can last from 30-90 minutes.  One of the first item addressed is scar tissue.  Up to  90% of scar tissue influence is distant( further away) from the actual scar. The can have an effect on the facia which can have an effect on  surrounding tissue which can have an effect on the organs .  Scar tissue in not only surgery related but is also considered as blunt force trauma to an area, strain, sprain, broken bone, dog bite, etc. Since scars (seen or unseen) cause stress, this is one of the first thing to be addressed.  I cannot stress enough that no matter how long ago the trauma happened, it can still be having an effect on the body  at present  time. Once the scar(s) have been worked, then additional areas can be addressed such as back and neck pain or too much stress. The MPS can be incorporated into a massage session or can be performed as a full session in itself...

What to expect

During the application of the MPS on acupuncture points, one might feel the sensation of slight tingling near the point.  If you are really attuned to your body, then sometimes one can feel the tingling travel a little way in  the meridian channel. The tingling only last while the point is stimulated. After which a slight warming sensation may be felt as circulation and energy are awakened. 

Please keep in mind that with protocols learned, points on the feet might be utilized to affect areas on the upper body and vice versa. 


I do not diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure. I follow protocols that have already been established for the MPS.